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If you want to pay peanuts for churned content, you’re in the wrong place.

If you value original ideas, thought leadership and content that genuinely offers something of interest for your clients then you’re in the right place. Especially if you like it with a side of wry humor.

Great copy should feel effortless to the reader, because all of the hard work is done by the writer. 


Learning lessons from Fiction

I have a strong instinct for storytelling, refined by my studies in Creative Writing and evidenced by my children’s books. I understand the power of an opening line, the need to take readers on a journey and the value of finding the right narrator’s voice.

Because I am used to creating characters, I can easily identify with your ideal customer, fleshing out their avatar and using the right words to connect with them. Using different voices in my fiction also helps me to convincingly ghostwrite for you, no matter who you are or whatever your background.


You’re an expert in your field. You know everything about your product or service, and that’s why people pay you for that. I’m an expert in my field too; using the written word to communicate.

Identifying the Audience

I can, and have, written on a diverse range of subjects. Dark days have included the relative merits of acrylic and silicone bath sealant and the properties of industrial lubricants. I managed to find things to enthuse about for both of those.

So imagine how excited I get when I get to write about my specialist subjects; remote working, recruitment, team building, and the interaction between humans and technology. 

It’s all about understanding what you do, or sell, and who really needs that particular thing. When I know that, I get passionate about helping your customers to connect with you. That comes across in the text as being authentic, something that audiences respond really well to. That’s where the magic happens.

Guide Price – £50 for 1000 words

Copywriting Testimonials

  • Sarah is an engaging writer who produces high-quality articles that showcase the thought and care she puts into her work. Her genial manner and enthusiasm make her great to work with. Sarah would be a valuable asset to any writing team and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

    Nikita Ross
    Lead Editor
  • Sarah produces excellent quality work and always meets deadlines. Her writing is engaging, interesting and relevant. Overall, she is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her writing services.”

    Ella Patenall
    Inspiring Interns
  • “I can always count on Sarah to deliver writing that is both informative and doesn’t make me want to kill myself from sheer boredom. Have you read most business blogs around?! That helps us stand apart. Please don’t hire her. I need her to write more for me.”

    Luís Magalhaes
    Editor-in-Chief & Content Manager
  • “Sarah has been a pleasure to work with. Her freelance work always fits the brief and I’ve never known her miss a deadline.”

    Beth Leslie
    Inspiring Interns
  • “Sarah has proven to be a valuable member of our UK writing team, covering a wide range of subjects and content types for our fast-growing, complex client base. Punctual delivery, excellent quality and a consummate professional.”

    Simon Snelling
    Search Sciences LLP
  • “Sarah is a very reliable, conscientious writer.  Her work is of a high standard and she is very pleasant to deal with.”

    Mike Ramenden
    the Ubiqus Group

Drop Me A Line

If you are interested in any of my services, or you would like to discuss how we can work together, schedule a free 15-minute chat or the contact button to send me a message.