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If you would like to write a print or eBook to leave with your clients or have a story written that will bring the history and excitement of your destination alive for adults or children, I can help. If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader, but you just don’t have the time to get it down on paper? Let me do that for you. If you’ve got things to say, but you don’t have the skills to say them, we’ll make a great team.

Bespoke Services

Most of us learn how to write in primary school, and by the time we’ve finished secondary education, we know how to put our thoughts down in a well-ordered way. If you go on to tertiary education, you’ll get more experience at building arguments and presenting them in a logical way.

So why would you hire a writer? Well, it could be that your time is better spent doing other things in your business. If you outsource your accounts or your marketing, why not have someone write your blogs or eBooks for you too?

Or it could be that the content that you’re writing yourself just isn’t performing well. Readers aren’t converting into followers or clients, or your content isn’t being shared as widely as you’d like.


Perhaps your aim is to have your site rise through the rankings of search engines, but you really don’t know how to get started making that happen.

And, modesty aside, while you might be able to write a great blog post I’m pretty sure I could write better. That’s because I’m a trained writer. I know which techniques to use to slow a reader down when they get to important information. I know how to ensure the right message is emphasised. I know the power of repetition. (Do you see what I did there?)

It’s easy to fall into the trap of writing what you want to say, but your sales and marketing communications need to be full of the things a customer wants to hear. They may not be the same thing. I’ll help you avoid that trap by coming up with a content strategy that answers all those questions potential clients will have.

And if you’re just getting started and want someone to hold your hand for mentoring or accountability? I can do that too!

Guide Price: £35 an hour.

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